Freedom Machine Bike to the Bikefest!

Sunday 17th June 2018, meeting at 12 noon at the Sail Sculpture junction of Alflie Byrne and Clontarf road.

Join a large group of cycling women in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the right to vote for women, as they make their way for a day of fun and festivities in St Anne’s Park! In St Anne’s Park Cycling Ireland are running their annual Bikefest event, with something for all the family. – This group of women accompanied by others of all ages , will be celebrating women’s emancipation on their Freedom Machines. For more information on the Freedom Machine theme check out

Meet at Midday 12.00pm at the Sails Sculpture on Clontarf Seafront at Alfie Byrne Road. This is the final day of Bikeweek 2018!

This cycle is a lovely short, traffic free cycle along the Clontarf/Dollymount seafront on the new Clontarf Greenway, only opened last year. All ages and genders are welcome to come along, and you are sure to have a great time…..

check out the Bikefest details at

Bike week poster


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